Can We Just Share Some Beautiful Time Together?

I don’t understand this idea that comes along with dating? Like you have to do everything right and you have to plan on falling in love. Why can’t you just go, this person is cute and they make me laugh and I want to experience them for a while. I want to know what they taste like and how they look asleep with the sunrise shining through the gaps in the blinds onto their hair. I want to see them in total euphoria and maybe even comfort them when they get so sad they just want to melt into a puddle and wash into the river. And then after we’ve done all those things and we’ve grown, maybe we’ll decide that we want to spend more time together and we won’t part ways. But, more than likely we’ll eventually grow apart, and HEY! That’s ok. We’ll return each other’s records but keep the pictures and hopefully when we pass on the street we’ll smile, or maybe even say hello.

Why can’t it be like that? Why must it be, I fell in love and cheated on her and now I’m scared to be around you, cause what if I hurt you? Why must it be, I don’t want to be hurt again. Why can’t we just enjoy each other for a while? And then if it ends, it ends and we move on to the next person. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious.

It’s just a thought. A hope, really. I just want to enjoy kisses and cuddles and moments with someone and then once it ends we don’t hate each other.


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