No, I Haven’t Lost Weight

don’t ask a fat girl if she’s lost weight. no, i haven’t lost weight. no i’m not planning on dieting. no, i’m not excited for bikini season, i’m indifferent. i’m not here to fit into your jigsaw vision of the perfect woman. no, i have not lost weight. and that’s ok. I wasn’t striving to lose weight. I’ve just been living. I don’t live day to day thinking about my body or how I look. I buy what fits and what I like. yes, I get disappointed when I find something that I like, and it doesn’t come in my size, but that’s life. disappointments are plenty. however I am not disappointed in my body. i am disappointed in Wet Seal’s sizing charts. i am proud of my body. I don’t believe that I will never be loved because there were moments when I was. when someone ached to touch me, even with my curves and belly, and thick thighs. they never cared about any of it. i don’t worry about my body, because I’m too busy worrying about my mind. I want to learn and live and experience. not hide and worry what people think about my belly. i love myself. i think i’m funny and smart sometimes. i think i have great taste in music and movies and literature. i like to think i’m somewhat wise beyond my years and all of that is more important to me than how i look in skinny jeans and a crop top, which let me tell you is NOT a pretty site. but that’s ok! cause I look great in a pink floyd tshirt, and last summer I bought a maxi dress that made me feel like a queen. i’m beautiful for more than just my body, and that’s the way i like it. so stop asking if i lost weight, cause i didn’t, and i don’t want to, and i’m happy with that. 


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