Shower Scene

The water was warm as it ribboned around our bare bodies. My face rested in the crook of his
neck, breathing in the skin that stretched over his collar bones. He whispered in my ear again
and again, “I love you.” He said it so many times it became just a collection of sounds. I could have listened to it all night long.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me away from his neck to look into my eyes. His were bright blue and red from the bowl we had just smoked and the shampoo
running into them. It was moments like this, when his eyes were studying mine, that I thought I might cry, I might just start sobbing, because I had finally found what I’d been looking for. His eyes reflected my thoughts and I knew that I was home.

He continued to stare into my eyes, whispering about how beautiful I was, “Your green eyes, these freckles, straight nose, perfect smile,” I giggled, “UGH! And that laugh, you’re so sexy.”
He kissed me again and again and again and again and

He held my hands above my head, pushed me against and the shower wall, traced the lines
and curves of my body with his free hand.

Have you ever wanted someone so badly you couldn’t get close enough to them? You keep
pulling them closer, pressing against them, it doesn’t feel close enough. I wanted to melt into

A man sang over the steam of the shower about not knowing how to express his feelings, “All that I wanted to say/ Words only got in the way.” I never could find the words when I was with him. I never could say how I felt, I knew it would come out in these flowery words and I wasn’t sure he would understand what I meant if I said that he was made of galaxies and that I wanted to stop time and sway with him here to this man’s voice forever. 


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